Israel Isidor Mattuck, Architect of Liberal Judaism

Fox, Pam

Now available in paperback, this biography shows how Israel Isidor Mattuck was probably the most influential figure in the development of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue (LJS) in the UK and the wider Liberal Jewish movement through his involvement with the World Union for Progressive Judaism, which he chaired from its foundation in 1926 until his death in 1954. His authority was partly the result of his personality and intelligence, but also his thorough Jewish education, which, in England, only Israel Abrahams could equal, together with his first-hand exposure to the American Reform Movement. At the time of his death, Israel Isidor Mattuck was hailed as a 'Jewish Archbishop of Canterbury,' and the magnitude of his achievements is undeniable: he led the LJS and the Liberal Jewish movement through two world wars * he produced prayer books that provided the liturgy for the Liberal Jewish movement for over 40 years * he was one of the prime instigators in setting up the London Society of Jews and Christians, which he co-chaired for many years and which provided the model for the foundation of the Council of Christians and Jews in 1942. *** Pam Fox has produced a well-documented and fluid study of Israel Isidor Mattuck's remarkable life and career. It is a long overdue full-scale biographical analysis of England's leading champion of liberal Judaism during the first half of the 20th century. Fox sheds new light on Mattuck rabbinate and reminds us that this largely forgotten leader of London's Liberal Jewish Synagogue ultimately became Britain's leading ideologue of Liberal Judaism as well as a master-builder of its organizational infrastructure. This fine study will appeal to all who are interested the dynamic history of Liberal Judaism in Great Britain and in the United States. -- Prof. Gary P. Zola, Hebrew Union Coll., Cincinnati, Ohio [Subject: Biography, History, Jewish Studies, Religious Studies]

400 pages

Copyright: 4/6/2016