Holocaust Memoirs

  • A Cat Called Adolf

    A Cat Called Adolf


    Levi, Trude

    This is one holocaust memoir which does not stop at survival but goes on to describe the lasting effects upon those survivors of their persecution, betrayal and suffering. Trude Levi was inspired to set down her memories of her experiences as a young Hungarian girl deported to Buchenwald to...

  • A Child Alone

    A Child Alone


    Blend, Martha

    In the late 1930s, as the Nazis' grip of Germany and Austria tightened and their persecution of Jews intensified, many Jewish parents were desperate for their children, at least, to escape the terror that threatened them all. The organized exodus of children - the Kindertransport - did indeed save...

  • A Hidden Jewish Child from Belgium

    A Hidden Jewish Child from Belgium


    Survival, Scars and Healing

    Lazarus, Francine

    Francine Lazarus survived WWII in Belgium hidden with strangers, isolated from her family, and moved from place to place. She witnessed murder and was often injured herself. With her father murdered in Auschwitz, her story continues post-war with the young Francine, neglected and abused by her...

  • A Life Sentence of Memories

    A Life Sentence of Memories


    Hahn, Issy

    A Life Sentence of Memories is the true story of Issy Hahn and his brother, aged thirteen and fourteen at the beginning of the war. It begins with the invasion of Konin in Poland, when all of that town's Jewish population was deported to the city of Ostrowiec. There...

  • A Village Named Dowgalishok

    A Village Named Dowgalishok


    The Massacre at Radun and Eishishok

    Aviel, Avraham

    This unique and true story of a young boy, skillfully describes the small Jewish agricultural village of Dowgalishok in eastern Poland (modern-day Belarus) and its neighboring towns of Radun and Eishishok. With a loving eye for detail the Jewish atmosphere is brought to life...

  • A Warsaw Diary

    A Warsaw Diary


    Zylberberg, Michael

    A story of one of the few survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto and of an underground existence in the non-Jewish part of the city during the Second World War. Based entirely on the author's original diary, rediscovered twenty years after the war, Michael Zylberberg tells of the ghetto uprising...

  • An End to Childhood - New and Expanded Edition

    An End to Childhood - New and Expanded Edition


    New and Expanded Edition

    Akavia, Miriam

    This memoir, written as fiction, but based on fact, describes the fear-filled efforts of a pair of Polish adolescents, brother and sister, to survive in secrecy and constant anxiety in Lvov at a time when Jews were being rounded up and sent to the Ghetto -...

  • Arnold Daghani's Memories of Mikhailowka

    Arnold Daghani's Memories of Mikhailowka

    from $32.50

    The Illustrated Diary of a Slave Labour Camp Survivor

    Edited by: Schultz, Ulrike; Schultz, Deborah; Timms, Edward

    Arnold Daghani (1909-85) came from a German-speaking Jewish family in Suczawa, then in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, now Romania. His understated narrative of his experiences in the slave labour camp at Mikhailowka, south west Ukraine (1942-43),...

  • Ben Helfgott

    Ben Helfgott


    The Story of One of the Boys

    Freedland, Michael

    This is not just the story of another Holocaust survivor. After all, very few survivors would, just a few years after liberation, become Olympic athletes. It is a story Michael Freedland tells after dozens of interviews with Ben himself, as well as with...

  • Breathe Deeply My Son

    Breathe Deeply My Son


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