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  • Deadly Carousel

    Deadly Carousel


    A Singer's Story of the Second World War

    Porter, Monica

    In March 1944, eleven divisions of German troops marched into Hungary. Thousands of Jews were rounded up and deported to death camps. Desperately, they sought foreign diplomatic relations, false identity papers, and hiding places. Vali Racz R?cz was a successful singer and...

  • Englishman in Auschwitz

    Englishman in Auschwitz


    Greenman, Leon

    Leon Greenman was born in London in 1910. His paternal grandparents were Dutch, and at an early age, after the death of his mother, his family moved to Holland, where Leon eventually settled with his wife, Esther, in Rotterdam. Leon was an antiquarian bookseller, and as such travelled to...

  • Finding Relly

    Finding Relly


    My Family, The Holocaust and Me
    Schonfeld, Rosemary

    Rosemary Schonfeld grew up as the daughter of a Czech immigrant in post-war UK and Canada, unaware of her father’s Jewish identity and of what really happened to his absent relatives. In adulthood she began to feel compelled to find out whether Relly,...

  • Fire Without Smoke

    Fire Without Smoke


    The Memoirs of a Polish Partisan

    Bright, Spencer; Mayevski, Florian

    Florian's story is unique in many ways. He escaped from a slave labour camp and survived the Polish winter alone as a fugitive in the forests, living in hand-made shelters dug beneath the ground. He fought as a partisan in the Polish...

  • Fortuna's Children

    Fortuna's Children


    Schonberger, Paul; Schonberger, Imre

    This is an important and unusual story about a small town in Austria and how the locals helped a small group of Hungarian-Jews to survive. The Schonberger family was deported from Hungary by the Nazis in 1944, and put on the cattle trucks bound for Auschwitz....

  • From Berlin To England And Back

    From Berlin To England And Back


    Experiences of a Jewish Berliner

    Prager, Peter

    Peter Prager was born in Berlin and came to Britain via the kindertransports. In The English Teacher from Berlin, he gives a fascinating, vivid account of life in Berlin before, during and after the war, as experienced by German Jews. His account of life once...

  • From Lwow to Parma

    From Lwow to Parma


    A Young Woman's Escape from Nazi-Occupied Poland

    Rosenfeld, Klara

    Klara Rosenfeld was born in 1924 in Lwow, Poland. This book chronicles her experiences of life under the Soviets, the German occupation, life in the ghetto, her rescue by an Italian soldier and her escape to a convent in Italy. After the war...

  • From the Edge of the World

    From the Edge of the World


    The Jewish Refugee Experience through Letters and Stories

    Edited by: Joseph, Anne

    From the Edge of the World is an anthology of largely unpublished work written by Jewish refugees who came to the UK in the 1930s, fleeing from the threat of Nazism. The idea for this collection was inspired by the...

  • From the Gestapo to the Gulags

    From the Gestapo to the Gulags


    One Jewish Life

    Katz, Zev

    214 pages

    Copyright: 2/1/2004

  • From Thessaloniki To Auschwitz and Back

    From Thessaloniki To Auschwitz and Back


    Before WWII there was a thriving Jewish community of some 50,000 people in Thessaloniki, Greece. In 1943, under Nazi occupation, virtually the entire community was deported to Auschwitz extermination camp. That the author, Erika Amariglio, and several members of her family survived is due only to a series of coincidences,...