• Jerusalem in Israeli Cinema

    Jerusalem in Israeli Cinema


    Wanderers, Nomads and the Walking Dead
    Zanger, Anat Y.

    This is an original book which proposes innovative assumptions on the theme of its research – the city of Jerusalem in cinema – and is based on a rich theoretical background and on a sensitive and skilled textual analysis. Accordingly, I highly...

  • Letters To Israel

    Letters To Israel


    Copyright: 1/1/1968

  • Levi Eshkol

    Levi Eshkol


    From Pioneering Operator to Tragic Hero - A Doer

    Aronson, Shlomo

    Including research from newly opened domestic and foreign archives, this book provides an original description and analysis of a crucial period in Israel's history and the history of the Middle East through the lens of the charming, lesser known,...

  • Life



    A Temporary Title

    Amiel, Irit

    Born in 1931 to a secular Jewish family in Poland, Irit Amiel grew up in the city of Czestochowa with its significant Jewish community of 30,000. She survived the Second World War having escaped from the ghetto and living under false Aryan papers, in various...

  • Mandate



    The Palestine Crucible, 1919-1939
    Turnberg, Leslie 

    (A)n astonishing feat of scholarship and analysis that sits at the nexus of history, foreign policy and most importantly, a timely assessment of where Britain is heading based on the prison and prism of the past. It is impossible to read this book and...

  • Medicine



    From Biblical Canaan to Modern Israel
    Stanton, Stuart and Collins, Kenneth (Eds)

    In chapters that range from Babylonian and Biblical medicine to health and medicine under Ottoman and British Mandate authority to mainstream and complementary medical services in Israel today, this excellent collaborative volume by a diverse range of first-rate scholars presents...

  • Nation and History

    Nation and History

    from $32.95

    Israeli Historiography between Zionism and Post-Zionism

    Gelber, Yoav

    During the last 20 years, Israel has reached unprecedented prosperity, yet it is haunted by existential fears for its future, identity, and survival. Israel's legitimacy is under assault from within and without by a coalition of left-wing radicals, Palestinians and their sympathizers, and Muslim...

  • No Past Tense

    No Past Tense

    from $22.95

    Love and Survival in the Shadow of the Holocaust

    Stone, D.Z.

    Kati and Willi Salcers resilience in the face of terror demonstrates how nothing can stop us from living our lives. They are the definition of inspiration.
    Tony Robbins NY Times #1 Best Selling Author, Philanthropist, and the World s...

  • Photographs of Childhood and Parenting on Kibbutz

    Photographs of Childhood and Parenting on Kibbutz


    Collective Memories and Private Memorials
    Barromi-Perlman, Edna

    What is it that we wish to see in our photo albums? Reality as it was, or a selected, upgraded version of our past? Can we control the memories we pass on? These are some of the thought-provoking questions that Edna Barromi-Perlman raises...

  • Place, Memory and Myth in Contemporary Israeli Cinema

    Place, Memory and Myth in Contemporary Israeli Cinema


    Zanger, Anat

    This book examines several Israeli fictional and non-fictional films, and how their portrayal of landscape and territory provides a unique perspective on Jewish and Israeli identity. The book demonstrates how space in film is not only a 'container' for events in the plot, but an event in and of...