'Thank you for your business'

The Jewish Contribution to the British Economy

Taylor, Derek

Over the centuries, arguments have raged over whether or not Britain should be welcoming toward immigrants. This is a book about a tiny proportion of the immigrants to whom Britain did grant asylum, refuge, and liberty. It is the first detailed examination into the survival and economic growth of the Jews in Britain. In Stuart times, the Jews amounted to a few hundred people. Today, there are still only 300,000 Jews in Britain. When they came to that country as impoverished immigrants, they had no jobs, little education, and could not speak English. And yet, some went on to run the biggest business empires in the country. Illustrated throughout, 'Thank You for Your Business' details the astonishing contribution Jews have made over the years to the British economy: how they sustained the currency through many wars; how they invented jigsaw puzzles and postcards; and the creation of such household names as Lyons, Glaxo, Burtons, Shell, ICI, Ladbrokes, and many more. The book examines the background of their founders to see what enabled them to spot opportunities that others missed, and how they overcame obstacles and succeeded where others failed. Over 350 firms are examined to describe the survival and economic growth of the Jews in Britain and to assess the contribution of their cultural and religious background to the success of these entrepreneurs. *** The contribution of Jews to Britain reflects successive waves of immigration . . . The author proves that 'Tolerance pays very large dividends.' Provided is a handy index of individuals and their firms, a list of provincial companies by location, and a short bibiliography. - AJL Reviews, Vol. IV, No. 1, February/March 2014 [Subject: History, Jewish Studies, British Studies, Economics, Business]~

378 pages

Copyright: 1/1/2013