Jewish Heritage

  • Immanuel Jakobovits

    Immanuel Jakobovits


    A Prophet in Israel

    Persoff, Meir

    Chaim Bermant called him 'far and away the greatest Chief Rabbi Britain has had'. Margaret Thatcher described him as 'one of the most remarkable spiritual leaders of the twentieth century'. And Jonathan Sacks lauded him as 'a prince of God in our midst'. From his first...

  • Jewish Living

    Jewish Living


    4th Edition

    Turner, Reuben

    In this informative handbook will be found the values of Judaism that have been the strong link in the golden chain of Jewish history. The compilation of knowledge found in these pages will be useful to all those who wish to find out more about the meaning and...

  • Jewish Nobel Prize Winners

    Jewish Nobel Prize Winners


    Taylor, Derek

    With a Foreword by Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

    Jews make up 0.2% of the worlds' population, yet they have won over 20% of the Nobel prizes – 204 in total out of around 900 awarded since the first Laureates at the start of the...

  • Jews and the Olympic Games

    Jews and the Olympic Games

    from $29.95

    Sport - A Springboard for Minorities

    Mayer, Paul Yogi

    In the last century young Jews, particularly in Central Europe, found that they had the new and exhilarating opportunity to give expression to their physical talents and energy. How they and their successors grasped it is the theme of this engaging book, the...

  • The Sephardi Story

    The Sephardi Story

    from $23.95

    A Celebration of Jewish History

    Copyright: 10/1/1991

  • The Synagogues of London

    The Synagogues of London


    Copyright: 1/1/1993