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  • The Jews of Italy, 1848-1915

    The Jews of Italy, 1848-1915

    from $37.50

    Between Tradition and Transformation

    Sch├Ąchter, Elizabeth

    In this book, author Elizabeth Schachter challenges the widely held view that Jewish integration in Italy - from the second emancipation (1848) to the First World War - was an unqualified success, and thus an anomaly in European Jewish history. She draws on contemporary Jewish journals,...

  • The Jews of Lemberg

    The Jews of Lemberg

    from $28.95

    A Journey to Empty Places

    Driebergen, Michiel; Zorgdrager, Heleen

    A hundred years ago Lemberg (also known as Lviv and Lwow) was part of the Habsburg Empire and famed for its splendour and rich cultural life. Until the German occupation in 1941, a Jewish community of over 100,000 people lived in Lwow. When...

  • The King's Own Loyal Enemy Aliens

    The King's Own Loyal Enemy Aliens

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    German and Austrian Refugees in Britain's Armed Forces, 1939-45

    Leighton-Langer, Peter

    During the Second World War, 10,000 Germans and Austrians volunteered to join the British Forces from the UK. Most were refugees, but there were others also. From 1939 until 1943 most served in the 18 so-called Alien Companies of the Pioneer...

  • The Medieval Jewish Mind

    The Medieval Jewish Mind


    Copyright: 1/1/1971

  • Tradition and Change

    Tradition and Change

    from $26.95

    A History of Reform Judaism in Britain

    Copyright: 9/1/1995

  • Two Minutes Over Baghdad

    Two Minutes Over Baghdad


    Copyright: 5/21/1982

  • Under the Heel of Bushido

    Under the Heel of Bushido

    from $39.00

    Last Voices of the Jewish POWs of the Japanese in the Second World War

    Sugarman, Martin

    This book contains dozens of accounts - both horrific and inspiring, amusing and sad - of the experiences of Jewish prisoners of war and internees from Commonwealth and Dutch forces imprisoned by the Japanese during World...

  • Uprooted


    from $19.95

    How 3000 Years of Jewish Civilization in the Arab World Vanished Overnight

    Julius, Lyn

    Who are the Jews from Arab countries? What were relations with Muslims like? What made Jews leave countries where they had been settled for thousands of years? What lessons can we learn from the mass exodus of minorities...

  • War or Revolution

    War or Revolution

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    Russian Jews and Conscription in Britain, 1917

    Shukman, Harold

    When Britain was compelled to introduce conscription in 1916, the question arose of what to do with its 'friendly aliens'-its 30,000 Russian-Jewish refugees of military age. The Tsar didn't want them back to serve in his army, and they had no desire to...

  • We Will Remember Them

    We Will Remember Them


    A Record of the Jews Who Died in the Armed Forces of the Crown from 1939 (Second Edition, Greatly Expanded and Revised)

    Edited by: Morris, Henry; Sugarman, Martin

    This highly illustrated second edition, first published in 1989, contains a comprehensive and indispensable history of the Jewish contribution to the British Armed Forces...