Jewish History

  • Jacques Faitlovitch and the Jews of Ethiopia

    Jacques Faitlovitch and the Jews of Ethiopia

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    Trevisan-Semi, Emanuela

    The architect of the ingathering of the most problematic group of the Jewish diaspora was Jacques Faitlovitch. He was an adventurer, scholar and Zionist, a Polish-born Jew who lived in Paris and Palestine. His life was marked by his devotion to the cause of the Beta Israel, the black...

  • Jewish Community of Salonika

    Jewish Community of Salonika


    History, Memory, Identity

    Lewkowicz, Bea

    This book is a pioneering study of the often forgotten Sephardi voices of the Holocaust. It is an account of the Sephardi Jewish community of the Greek city of Salonika, which at one point numbered 80,000 members, but which was almost completely annihilated during the German occupation...

  • Jewish Germany

    Jewish Germany

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    An Enduring Presence from the Fourth to the Twenty-First Century

    Levinson, David

    In Jewish Germany, cultural anthropologist David Levinson draws out and explores for us the expanse of the Jewish experience in Germany from the fourth century CE to the present. With the extensive use of primary sources, among others, the carefully...

  • Jewish Life in Cracow 1918-1939

    Jewish Life in Cracow 1918-1939

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    Martin, Sean

    Re-evaluates the way Jews lived among Poles without abandoning their Jewish heritage. By focusing on the history of the Jewish press, schools and other cultural institutions, the book examines how Jews in the same community created varying ethnic and national identities in order to cope with the demands of...

  • Jewish Participation in the Fire Service in the Second World War

    Jewish Participation in the Fire Service in the Second World War


    Last Voices

    Sugarman, Martin

    Here, for the first time, is the account of the essential part played by Jewish personnel in Britain's Fire Service during World War II. Ever civic minded, British Jews from all social backgrounds were pre-war volunteers to be trained for dealing with the expected mass bombing of cities...

  • Jewish Refugees from Germany and Austria in Britain, 1933-1970

    Jewish Refugees from Germany and Austria in Britain, 1933-1970

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    Their Image in AJR Information

    Grenville, Anthony

    Between 1933 and the outbreak of war in 1939, over 60,000 Jewish refugees from Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia fled to Britain, and some 50,000 settled there. No previous historical study of this group of immigrants exists, though they form one of the most high-profile groups...

  • Jewish Resistance in Wartime Greece

    Jewish Resistance in Wartime Greece

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    Bowman, Steven

    This is the first systematic study of the Jews in the Greek resistance based on archival research and personal interviews. It covers Jews in various aspects of resistance in Greece and other concentration camps. The book is a contribution to the overall story of Greek resistance against the Nazi...

  • Jewish Society in Victorian England

    Jewish Society in Victorian England


    Copyright: 3/1/1993

  • Jewish Symbols and Secrets

    Jewish Symbols and Secrets


    A Fifteenth-Century Spanish Carpet

    Felton, Anton

    In the hundred years that led up to expulsion in 1492, hundreds of thousands of Spanish Jews converted publically - but not privately - to Christianity. They left some clues to their compelling and dangerous secret lives, revealed through personal artifacts. This book examines one such...

  • Jews in Glasgow 1879-1939

    Jews in Glasgow 1879-1939


    Immigration and Integration

    Braber, Ben

    This is the first study of the integration of Jewish immigrants, from eastern and central Europe, into Scotland and places Scottish Jewish history in context. The book looks at aspects of their immigration and integration into Scottish society, namely: the reaction of the native population and the...