My Heart in A Suitcase

Fox, Anne

This is the story of a child, uprooted from a loving and protected home, who was sent to strangers in a strange country to fend for herself. In this memoir, Anne L. Fox has written about her childhood in Nazi Germany and her subsequent departure to England with the Kindertransport. As a 12-year-old girl, she came to live with a Jewish family in London until the outbreak of World War II when she was evacuated to the countryside. Although she missed her parents terribly, her stay in the village of Swineshead in Bedfordshire was a happy one. Her village education came to an end when she turned 14, however, and she was sent to the Bunce Court Boarding School in Shropshire. After graduating, she worked in a public library in Cardiff where she met her husband, a soldier in the US Army. She came to America as a GI bride and has made her home in Philadelphia.

170 pages

Copyright: 3/7/1996