He Also Spoke as a Jew

The Life of the Reverend James Parkes

Chertok, Haim

This exhaustive, full-scale biography of the twentieth century's most dedicated Gentile fighter against antisemitism is a key resource for those who would like to learn more of Parkes the man and his work in reconciling Christianity and Judaism. Virtually alone among Christians, James Parkes could audaciously announce to a Jewish audience that he spoke also as a Jew and be greeted not by suspicion but by applause. From his birthplace on the island of Guernsey, the book focuses on the formative influences on this important but neglected thinker. Tracing his career as a maverick historian and clergyman, it does not neglect to analyze how his ideas and commitments interacted with the twists and turns of his personal life.

516 pages

Copyright: 2/1/2006