Studies in Jewish Theology

Reflections in the Mirror of Tradition

Sherwin, Byron

Studies in Jewish Theology invites the reader into the 'laboratory' of a Jewish theologian as he confronts visceral issues that have confronted classical Jewish theology and that continue to challenge contemporary Jewish theological inquiry. After offering an exposition of the nature of Jewish theology and demonstrating why and how it is crucial and relevant for understanding the nature and meaning of Judaism as a religious faith, the author proposes a creative and compelling methodology for 'doing' Jewish theology. This methodology is then applied to various perennial issues of Jewish theological concern, including: the problem of evil, the nature of God, love and awe of God, God's love and law, theological foundations of the Jewish holydays, philosophies of Jewish law, and the application of Jewish theology to matters of social ethics and spirituality. Attention then turns to a consideration of Jewish-Christian theological dialogue, where a Jewish theology of Christianity, an explication of John Paul II's theology of Judaism, and medieval Jewish and Christian views of 'original sin' are presented. Finally, new perspectives on the work of contemporary Jewish theologians such as Solomon Schechter, Abraham J. Heschel, Louis Jacobs, and a survey of American Jewish theology, are discussed. A combination of erudite and accessible exposition of a wide variety of theological issues, this volume collects seventeen studies, written over three decades, by an eminent American Jewish theologian.

384 pages

Copyright: 7/3/2007