No Strength to Forget

Survival in the Ukraine, 1914-1944

Blitt, Laizer

No Strength to Forget relates the struggle for survival of the author's family in the direst of circumstances. In a world of legalized mass murder, instigated by the Nazis and adopted by many in Ukraine, the family was hunted for the crime of being born Jewish, and spent three years surviving against impossible odds, hiding in the forests in Ukraine. Supported by their unshakeable belief in divine guidance, the author's parents secured food and shelter and maintained a semblance of human dignity, keeping a calendar and observing the Sabbath and holidays. Written many years later as a testimony for his children, the book presents a child's experience of survival in the face of Nazi persecution. To this day, the author still relives the many occasions when his life was in the balance, but by the grace of God and the determination of his parents, he survived.

191 pages

Copyright: 9/1/2007