The Spread of Islamikaze Terrorism in Europe

The Third Islamic Invasion

Israeli, Raphael

Here the outspoken academic Raphael Israeli deals with radical Islam's attempt to gain a solid foothold on the European continent through immigration (legal and illegal) and political refugee status, all calculated to expand the influence of Islam by taking advantage of the Western liberal and democratic governments accommodating them as guests - and then as citizens. The democratic freedom in which they now live allows them to say and do things which the far stricter regimes of Islamic countries do not tolerate. The three major countries of Europe most affected by Muslim immigration and demographic presence are France, Britain and Germany, who host about half of the total of 30 million Muslims in Europe today. This book examines the increasing presence of radical Islam within this Muslim diaspora in Europe, and the confusions and divisions within Western governments about how to engage with radical Islam and police its criminal elements. It examines the escalating impact of radical Islam in Europe, showing the larger picture.

499 pages

Copyright: 9/1/2008