The Single Light

Levy, Ernest

Ernest Levy, the youngest of eight, was born into a strong Orthodox family and achieved his Bar Mitzvah as Nazism reached into Czechoslovakia and expelled Jews of Hungarian origin back across the border. From there his story takes us through the war years, via Auschwitz, to the labor camps, from where, as the Russians closed in, inmates were force-marched to Belsen. Ernest survived Belsen and typhoid to choose repatriation. Finding himself back in Budapest, a crisis of faith, brought on by the hideous experiences of his teens, led him to flirt with communism. A revived faith and a passion for music won the day and established his future. Since finding a home in Scotland in the early 1960s, he has been able to educate and enlighten the young people around him of events which otherwise would only be remote in a history book.

358 pages

Copyright: 2/5/2007