Russia: A New Cold War?

Edited by: Korinman, Michel; Laughland, John

When Vladimir Putin came to power in 2000, George Bush said he was a man he could trust. Since then, relations between Russia and the West have gone from bad to worse. The EU and Russia have been unable to agree on the terms of their partnership; NATO expansion continues apace, threatening to include countries like Ukraine and Georgia; the United Kingdom harbours, as political refugees, men who call for the violent overthrow of the Russian government; and the United States is determined to build an anti-missile shield which, Moscow fears, would render feasible a 'first strike' against Russia. How do Russians see these developments and the other developments inside their fascinating country? This book contains articles by some fifty commentators and decision-makers, the overwhelming majority Russians, on issues as diverse as immigration, demography, the economy, gas and oil pipelines, foreign policy, public opinion, and international relations. The book provides a survey of all the major political and social issues facing Russia today. There is no comparable collection of essays by insiders in print. This is an invaluable tool for anyone interested in the largest country on earth.

396 pages

Copyright: 1/4/2008