1001 Questions and Answers on Pesach

Cohen, Jeffrey

[from Chief Rabbi Professor Jonathan Sacks] Rabbi Cohen writes within a great tradition, bringing together Torah and chokmah, Jewish wisdom and the broad panoply of human knowledge, and finding in their interplay a never-ending source of deepened understanding. He is both sage and man of faith, a lucid teacher and a source of inspiration, and no one will read this work without discovering that the festival they thought they knew so well has a depth and history that are enthralling. --- [from The Jewish Week] .encyclopedic in breadth, features queries that lead the reader through preparation for the holiday, its historical background, symbolism of the seder ritual, commentary on the Haggadah, special festival services in synagogue, and Pesach customs from around the world. As Rabbi Cohen, the author of several books who leads the largest Orthodox congregation in Great Britain believes , Questions are of the very essence of the spirit of this festival.

363 pages

Copyright: 4/22/2008