Portraits in Literature

The Jews of Poland: An Anthology

Edited by: Bromberg Ben-Zvi, Hava

Finalist in Anthologies and Collections, National Jewish Book Awards - Of the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust, three million were from Poland. Their literary heritage is a treasure to be preserved, and this lavish anthology gathers together the rich and varied forms of magnificent Jewish life and culture from a Poland that is no more. The book includes memoirs, short stories, poetry, eyewitness reports, fragments of novels, essays, letters, folk tales, and humor. The work of writers - both Jewish and Polish, prominent and new - presents a true, valid, rich, and compelling panorama of life as it was. Historically informative, heartbreaking, poignant, and amusing, the book speaks in many voices: those of women, children, and survivors. It is an exceptionally broad range of literature which paints a rich panorama of life before, during, and following the Holocaust, ending with tales of hope and renewal in new centers of Jewish life. With every emotion sensitively and skillfully explored, this anthology will fascinate Jewish and non-Jewish readers, shedding light on the origins and roots of contemporary Jewry in the English-speaking world. Meticulous listing of sources and a bibliography will prove fertile ground for students and scholars alike.

380 pages

Copyright: 5/31/2011