Jewish Travel Guide 2009

International Edition

For almost fifty years the Jewish Travel Guide has been the essential reference book for all Jewish travellers worldwide - whether travelling on business, for pleasure or to seek their historical roots. Rigorously edited and up-dated every year, each country has a short commentary including demographic details, emergency numbers and dialling codes. Other information includes restaurants, mikvaot, synagogues, theatres, embassies, museums, hotels, booksellers, cultural festivals, media, community organisations, groceries, bakeries, kosher food, butchers, delicatessens, libraries and tourist sites. There's even a guide to kosher fish across the world. The Jewish Travel Guide is universally recognised as the ultimate source of information for the Jew abroad. The Jewish Review says, It is a must for every traveller, the Jewish Chronicle observes, The book validates its motto: 'Don't go without it', while The Jerusalem Post comments, The Guide offers a well-rounded demographic portrait of world Jewry today, serving as much as a handbook and resource for professionals in the Jewish world, as a travel guide. The Jewish Travel Guide is the essential travelling companion, making your journey even easier and more pleasurable!

438 pages

Copyright: 1/1/2009

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