In Kindling Flame

The Story of Hannah Senesh 1921-1944 [Second Edition]

Atkinson, Linda

Winner of the National Jewish Book Award when it was first published in 1985, In Kindling Flame tells the impassioned story of a young woman who left Europe for Palestine in 1939, when she was just 18, but returned five years later on a parachute mission to rescue other Jews. The mission cost Hannah Senesh her life - she was executed at age 23 by a firing squad in Budapest in 1944. The book presents a moving portrait of a gifted, courageous young woman in a terrible time. In Kindling Flame also presents a gripping history of the Holocaust, Jewish resistance, and the Zionists' effort to create a Jewish national home in British-controlled Palestine.

222 pages

Copyright: 3/21/2011