The Journey to the Arab Spring

The Ideological Roots of the Middle East Upheaval in Arab Liberal Thought

Govrin, David

This book analyzes the roots of the ideological discourse among distinguished Arab intellectuals and liberals regarding political reforms and democratization processes in the Arab states during the three decades that preceded the 'Arab Spring.' It fills a void in the literature that examines the impact of the New Arab Liberals on the political status quo. The New Arab Liberals have drawn public criticism in demanding a change to the political status quo and the cultural and social molds. They have succeeded in presenting to the Arab public a rational alternative outlook, centered upon a civil, secular, and democratic state, as against an Arab nationalistic or Islamist state vision. Their demands for radical reform have led to aggressive and violent expression since December 2010 in the shake-up known as the 'Arab Spring' that shattered a large part of the Middle East. In order to understand the background, the range, and strength of the demands of the Arab public, it is necessary to investigate the ideological contribution of the Arab Liberals to the public discourse. [Subject: Politics, Political Thought, Middle East Studies, History]

352 pages

Copyright: 4/16/2014