Izak Goller

Selected Poems, Plays and Prose

Goller, Izak

Edited by: Sivan, Gabriel

Izak Goller (1891-1939) was a gifted and inspiring teacher, poet, playwright, novelist, and thinker. Now, more than 70 years after his death, readers can better appreciate Goller's artistry, his fearless hard-hitting style, and his uncompromising Zionism. Goller had three parallel careers - as an educator, an author, and a Zionist leader - and wrote nearly a dozen literary works, many enhanced by the author's striking 'cartoons.' He had a powerful influence on his young disciples in Liverpool and sought to infuse the Anglo-Jewish rabbinate and ministry with courageous moral leadership in the prophetic tradition. Based on extensive research, interviews, and textual analysis, including the recent discovery of his last (unpublished) novel, this representative selection of Izak Goller's verse and prose demonstrates his genius and versatility. The book also shows how far ahead of his time Goller was, and how he cut a masterly figure in Anglo-Jewish literature between the two World Wars. It includes many of the author's original line drawings and cartoons. ...Sivan is to be congratulated for his meticulous research in what has clearly been a labor of love in assembling and annotating this varied material. H-Judaic (August 2012), Reviewed by Sue Vice (U. of Sheffield)

384 pages

Copyright: 1/1/2012