The Jewish Year Book 2015

Edited by: Levy, Elkan; Taylor, Derek

For over 115 years, readers have been referring to The Jewish Year Book for information regarding Britain's Jewish community - the institutions, the organizations, the charities, contact details, and a who's who of personalities. The Jewish Year Book 2015 also provides details on: dates that matter in the Jewish calendar, award winners, anniversaries, obituaries, an overview of the position of Jews in countries outside Britain, happenings in Israel, the 2015 festivals and Sabbaths all over the country, and a 30-year Jewish calendar. The Jewish Year Book has always been meticulous in its research and widespread in its coverage. Also included in this volume are a series of articles which look back over the year gone by and the centuries gone by, including: the position of women in synagogues according to the din * British/Israeli trade * the 25th anniversary of Jewish care * the vital support of Jewish chaplains to the forces * the German Jewish community today * the 140th anniversary of the Belfast community * the position of Jewish students at universities in the UK. [Subject: Jewish Studies, Religious Studies, History, Reference]

510 pages

Copyright: 1/30/2015