From Biblical Canaan to Modern Israel
Stanton, Stuart and Collins, Kenneth (Eds)

In chapters that range from Babylonian and Biblical medicine to health and medicine under Ottoman and British Mandate authority to mainstream and complementary medical services in Israel today, this excellent collaborative volume by a diverse range of first-rate scholars presents a panoramic yet rich and detailed account of, as its title states, Medicine: From Biblical Canaan to Modern Israel. It is certain to be widely consulted as the authoritative reference work for years to come.
Theodore M. Brown, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of History and Public Health Sciences, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York

In this book leading historians and physicians tell the history of medicine in Israel and the Holy Land. They take us from Babylonian cuneiform medical records and their influence on the Talmud, through the Biblical and Talmudic periods to developments during Ottoman times and finally the British Mandate, when the Jewish community created many of the health bodies which were crucial for the new State.
Included in the comprehensive coverage of topics are: a chapter on Military Medicine which covers the era of the Crusaders, Napoleon’s Campaign at Jaffa and Acre, Allenby’s Palestine Campaign and medical innovations from Israel’s wars; while the traditional, or folk, medicine of Arabs and Jews and the history of Islamic medicine, including the contribution of leading Jewish physicians such as Maimonides, is also presented.
The book considers medical care in contemporary Israel. The modern era chapters consider the delivery of health care and its parameters, emergency medicine and key ethical issues which have impacted on medicine. Two chapters describe the importance of rehabilitation medicine, for Israel’s disabled, and the growing interest in complementary, or alternative, medicine. The book concludes with a chapter on Medicine in Israel Today highlighting the research and innovation for which Israel is known internationally.
This book will appeal to all those interested in the history of medicine from ancient to modern times, and also those who wish to see how important aspects of medicine are provided in today’s Israel.

Hardback 360 pages 19 black and white illustrations

Copyright: 20/05/2021