Netanyahu’s Israel

Rise of the Far Right

Confino, Jotam

Benjamin Netanyahu became prime minister in the aftermath of one of Israel’s biggest tragedies, the assassination of Yizhak Rabin, and will likely end his career as prime minister responsible for the biggest scandal in the nation’s history; October 7th 2023.
This book takes the reader on a riveting journey through the period, examining the most important events as well as the impact Netanyahu has had on Israel as the longest serving prime minister. A political genius who became his own worst enemy, doing anything to cling on to power to the detriment of his nation’s well-being. 
Under Netanyahu’s leadership, Israel’s economy flourished in certain periods, and the Jewish state normalised ties with Arab nations. But he also paved the way for the most extreme politicians ever seen in the Knesset, and has divided the country more than any other leader. 
He also played an instrumental role in strengthening Israel’s religious character, allowing the ultra-orthodox to live in a parallel society with fewer societal obligations than the rest of the country.
Netanyahu’s Israel: Rise of the Far Right relies on interviews with some of the most important people from the years 1996–2024 and offers the reader a rare look behind the scenes of some of Israel’s most historic moments of the past three decades.

200 pages  34 black and white illustrations  paperback

Copyright: 12/09/2024

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