• A History of the Holocaust

    A History of the Holocaust

    from $39.95

    Friedman, Saul S.

    A History of the Holocaust is a detailed, factual account of what happened across Europe during the Holocaust, with balanced coverage of each country. The Holocaust was unique within the context of the Second World War because Jews were disproportionately represented among the civilian casualties in that conflict....

  • A History of the Jews of Cochin

    A History of the Jews of Cochin


    Segal, J.B.

    Copyright: 3/1/1993

  • A Holocaust Crossroads

    A Holocaust Crossroads

    from $34.95

    Jewish Women and Children in Ravensbruck

    Edited by: Dublon-Knebel, Irith

    Ravensbruck was the only major Nazi concentration camp built for women. Its history constitutes a crossroads in the various stages of the Third Reich's persecution of women accused of offending the Nazi state and of those ethnically and racially persecuted. Women from...

  • A House of Memories

    A House of Memories


    58 Avenue Road

    Raviv, Hana

    100 pages

    Copyright: 2/27/1998

  • A Little Kosher Whine?

    A Little Kosher Whine?


    Gerlis, Jeremy

    From Arsenal to weapons of mass destruction and from hunting foxes to chasing rabbis, Jeremy Gerlis has captured them all in his topical weekly cartoon running for seven years in the pages of the Jewish Chronicle, the world's largest English language circulation Jewish newspaper. If you need any more...

  • A Minority in Britain

    A Minority in Britain


    Copyright: 1/1/1955

  • A National Home for the Jewish People

    A National Home for the Jewish People


    The Concept in British Political Thinking and Policy Making 1917-1923

    Barzilay-Yegar, Dvorah

    What was the concept of 'A National Home for the Jewish People,' where did it come from, and how was it defined? Barzilay-Yegar traces the shifting meanings of the phrase from its first coining in the Balfour Declaration of 1917,...

  • A Reader of Early Liberal Judaism

    A Reader of Early Liberal Judaism

    from $26.95

    The Writings of Israel Abrahams, Claude Montefiore, Lily Montagu and Israel Mattuck

    Edited by: Kessler, Edward

    Surprisingly little has been written about the origins of Liberal Judaism in England but this book examines why the movement was founded and how it developed. Kessler has selected the key writings of the four founders...

  • A Very British Subject

    A Very British Subject


    Litvinoff, Barnett

    Copyright: 1/25/1996

  • A Village Named Dowgalishok

    A Village Named Dowgalishok


    The Massacre at Radun and Eishishok

    Aviel, Avraham

    This unique and true story of a young boy, skillfully describes the small Jewish agricultural village of Dowgalishok in eastern Poland (modern-day Belarus) and its neighboring towns of Radun and Eishishok. With a loving eye for detail the Jewish atmosphere is brought to life...