• Campaigner Against Antisemitism

    Campaigner Against Antisemitism

    from $34.95

    The Reverend James Parkes 1896-1981

    Richmond, Colin

    James Parkes, Anglican priest and religious philosopher, cried out to an unheeding Church about the fate threatening the Jews of Europe. When it failed to respond in the measure he sought, he concentrated his energies on combating anti-Semitism in Christian teaching and reaching out in...

  • Captured Shadows

    Captured Shadows


    The German Goldschmidt's of the 17th and 18th Century

    Nick, Dagmar

    Dagmar Nick, a multiple literary prize-winner in her native Germany, has turned her considerable talents to researching her fascinating Jewish ancestry. She brings to life her family history through the letters, diaries and documents that they left behind, and...

  • Capturing Memories

    Capturing Memories


    The Art of Reminiscing

    Gordon, Sue; Rosefield, Jeanie; Stanton, Pat; Woolf, Vivienne

    In today's fast-paced world, older people find little opportunity to tell stories and pass on the wisdom of their experience and years. They remember the past clearly, but the art of storytelling has been lost. Reminiscence classes revive this art....

  • Cartoons and Extremism

    Cartoons and Extremism


    Israel and the Jews in Arab and Western Media

    Kotek, Joel

    The outrage sparked by the Danish cartoon affair - the publication of images of the Prophet Muhammad in the European press - was a sharp reminder of the potency of the cartoon in the modern media. It is one of the...

  • Cecilia Razovsky and the American Jewish Women's Rescue Operations in the Second World War

    Cecilia Razovsky and the American Jewish Women's Rescue Operations i...

    from $32.95

    Zucker, Bat-Ami

    This book highlights Jewish women's activities in the 1930s and 1940s as they were reflected in one outstanding woman - Cecilia Razovsky. Her wide range of activities spanning more than fifty years and her outstanding devotion to assisting refugees and refugee children reveal her as a woman who dedicated...

  • Challenge and Continuity

    Challenge and Continuity

    from $19.95

    Rabbinic Responses to Modernity, Science and Tragedy

    Birnbaum, Yoni

    Rabbi Birnbaum's well-organised treatment of the relationship between Torah and science provides insightful guidance. ~--Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis ***[A]n enlightening and inspiring account of how Orthodox rabbis responded to some of the unprecedented stresses of modernity.--Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks ***A clear discussion of...

  • Chief Rabbi Hertz

    Chief Rabbi Hertz


    The Wars of the Lord

    Taylor, Derek

    Chief Rabbi Joseph Herman Hertz (1872-1946), perhaps Britain's greatest Chief Rabbi, led his community through two World Wars and was instrumental in the rescue of Jewish refugees from Nazism. He published many books and edited the seminal Hertz Chumash. Rabbi Hertz was a founder of...

  • Chief Rabbi Nathan Marcus Adler

    Chief Rabbi Nathan Marcus Adler


    The Forgotten Founder

    Taylor, Derek

    Derek Taylor has written a comprehensive and highly readable biography which will restore Adler to his true place in history.--Elkan D Levy ***Nathan Marcus Adler remains the longest serving Chief Rabbi in the history of Anglo-Jewry. Yet today he is a shadowy figure. During his ministry the...

  • Children of One God

    Children of One God

    from $15.00

    A History of the Council of Christians and Jews

    Copyright: 7/15/1991

  • Children of the Holocaust

    Children of the Holocaust


    Edited by: Reiter, Andrea

    Children of the Holocaust contains the papers delivered at a conference to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day 2004, which was held under the auspices of the AHRC Parkes Centre at the University of Southampton. The book addresses questions of representation of the Holocaust by and of children, both...