• Through the Eyes of the Mufti

    Through the Eyes of the Mufti


    The Essays of Haj Amin, Translated and Annotated

    Edited by: Elpeleg, Zvi

    Mufti Haj Amin al-Husayni had no chance of prevailing against the well-organized Zionist movement with its international support. The Palestinian Party that he headed after the First World War was split, conflicted and rife with corruption. In particular, it was...

  • United States-Iraq Bilateral Relations

    United States-Iraq Bilateral Relations


    Confusion and Misperception from 1967 to 1979

    Binah, Shulamit

    How did United States-Iraq relations deteriorate into a double-feature war that destroyed Iraq's Ba'th regime, a secular sovereign government, and dragged the United States into an unforeseen chaos that has limited its willingness and ability to take part in other world affairs? The...

  • Working for the War Effort

    Working for the War Effort


    German-Speaking Refugees in British Propaganda during the Second World War 
    Brinson, Charmian and Dove, Richard

    This book explores a facet of British propaganda during the Second World War that has previously hardly been addressed or considered: the apparent anomaly that much of...